Mother Teresa College triumphs again with 2019 results


Mother Teresa College has done it again boasting 100% at this years GCE results .

The History of BKPS & Mother Teresa’s College:

Bilingual Kindergarten and Primary School, was one of the first bilingual schools launched in Douala, Littoral. The nursery and primary school revolutionised the school system in Cameroon and is recognised as the first private school to introduce a children bus transport system responsible for transporting children to the school. The success of BKPS, led to the launch of MTC – Mother Teresa’s College.

Before 1989, there was no boarding school in the whole of Douala. The idea of having one stemmed from the children we were training from our founding school, Bilingual Kindergarten and Primary school.


Chief Mrs. Ada Kesi Makia (who is also the founder of BKPS) ‘took the bull by the horns’ and bought a piece of land in the outskirt of Douala. The area is called “Ngwelle” which means “forest” in the Douala dialect. It was a real jungle with all kinds of wild animals. The land is surrounded by a swift river that empties in to the Atlantic Ocean just a few kilometres away. Monkeys jumped from one mango tree to the other, large snakes were daily visitors. Birds of all kinds relaxed in the corridors but unfortunately, the creatures disappeared due to the presence of people.

In 1989, the first buildings went up being a co-educational institution, dormitories were built two of which were boy’s and a girl’s dormitory with enough security. A large Assembly hall was built, this doubled as a church house for Sunday services, classrooms, refectory, kitchen and a home for the housemother.

The vision was to have a beautiful and secured campus, far away from the busy township. Mother Teresa College Campus is fourteen thousand acres surrounded by a high fence. The missionaries from the Presbyterian Church were the first residents. Sister Magdalene Hadleysent, Sister Regina, Sister Germain, and Sister Maria. These sisters helped to mould the spiritual lives of the students. The principal Mr. Peter Egbe and a few other teachers were recruited before its inception. An initial number of five girls and five boys were recruited in form one in September 1990. The Anglo Saxon system of education was instituted. It took two to three years for the electricity company to connect us with light. We used generators and living deep in the forest. Life was quite difficult without power to pump water into reservoirs etc. The calm and comfortable environment superseded the odds.

Over the years, the college has instilled a strict and disciplined system. The excellent moral and growth is due to this, in addition the parents preferred boarding facilities. Teachers and students growth is only increasing and the campus is certainly proud of more facilities to assist this, IT, academic, administrative as well as buildings infrastructure. Our GCE “O” and “A” levels are of an excellent standard. MTC has one of the best science laboratory in Littoral; there is food and nutrition lab, a library and a computer laboratory. In addition to these, there are sports and social amenities; a football pitch and an all for purpose pitch for handball, basketball and volley ball with a beautiful grand stand. MTC contains eight furnished flats for guests visiting them from all parts of the world. As we asked Chief Ada aout her goals she added “Our goals are several but we are sure that there is still much more to be done and we are on track. Above all these endeavours, God has been pulling us through. It would be humanly difficult to achieve anything without Him”.

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